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  •  Control property with little out of pocket
  •  "Gamesmanship" in negotiate deals
  •  Raise capital on demand
  •  Pitch investors confidently and credibly
  •  Trade defaulted 2nd mortgages
  •  Underwrite loans in minutes
  •  Assume commercial deals without qualifying
  •  Wholesale commercial buildings
  •  Finance deals with low out-of-pocket expenses
  •  Capital syndication timelines and strategies
  •  Generate meaningful deal flow – consistently
  •  Easily buy and rehab non-performing notes
  •  Manage risk like a Fund Manager
  •  Start your own hard money fund
  •  Qualify deals in 90 seconds or less
  •  Buy and trade portfolios of resi REOs
  •  Analyze deals in 90 seconds
  •  Architect the perfect pitch
  •  Avoid costly capital management mistakes
  •  Amass wealth in record time
  •  Discover and source the best CRE deals
  •  Talk to Hedge Funds (the "money guys")
  •  Make sound investment decisions - easily
  •  Feel safe, secure, confident
The Big Book of Blueprints you with everything you need to position yourself as THE commercial real estate authority in your local market.

There’s absolutely no doubt that you’ll use this ultimate resource guide every day to cross-check and validate your dealmaking decisions. With this indispensable intel at your side, you’ve now got a leg up on every other investor in your market.
Here’s What You Get
The Big Book of Blueprints” is neatly divided into the 3 major sections of commercial real estate investing:  
  •   Capital Placement – Deal Financing
  •   Capital Formation – How to Raise Debt and Equity
  •   Asset Arbitrage – Wholesaling Commercial Properties
Get your copy today… and look at any deal
through the eyes of a Wall Street pro.
Here’s just a taste of the 73+ blueprints you get with "The Big Book of Blueprints"
PLUS… Over 65 More Blueprints!
So when it comes to commercial deal making, you’re completely covered.
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What’s more, these blueprints are EVERGREEN. They’re not time sensitive or market dependent. They’ll never go out of style. The principles and strategies inside this portfolio work in ANY MARKET, ANY TIME.
OK, So What’s It Gonna Cost?
Each blueprint is sold separately on our website for $97. Multiply that by 75 and you’re looking at a retail value of $7,275. That’s actual cost.

But you can get the entire soup to nuts collection of blueprints in a portfolio you can take with you wherever you go… easily accessible, all in one place, and bound so you don’t lose or misplace them. 
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