Easily Start Your Own Real Estate Hard Money Lending Fund And Attract All The Cash and Capital You Need to Fund Your Deals...
Without ANY Experience Whatsoever
Get The EXACT Same System And Strategies Used By Wall Street Pros To Pitch Investors... And Build A Highly Lucrative And Prestigious Hard Money Mortgage Pool
Now Is The Time
If you’re looking to get into the real estate lending game, you couldn’t have picked a better, more fortuitous time to start. Here's why...

Investors are STARVING for a place to park their cash for decent returns on their investment.
These investors include...
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNW)
  • Professionals
  • Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys
  • Business Owners
  • Retirees
  • “Moms and Pops”
  • Friends and Family
  • Disillusioned Stock Market, CD, & 401k investors
See, right now, ROI’s on most conservative instruments are in the tank.

Take a look around you. Banks are returning NEAR ZERO interest on their investment instruments... CD’s, bonds, treasuries, savings accounts, mutual funds, munis.

And pretty soon, like it or not, rates will go NEGATIVE.

Need proof? Then just take a look at the mortgage market. How long have rates been suppressed? That’s right. Since the Mortgage Meltdown in 2008. And there’s no reason for the Fed to raise rates in the foreseeable future...or even in YOUR LIFETIME!

Heck, across the seas rates are already negative in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and Japan!

And the stock market as a solid place to invest? Think again.

Right now, investors are frustrated and skittish as hell when it comes to the unpredictability and volatility of the Dow and NASDAQ. The erratic, up and down behavior has shaken investors to their very core.

Bottom line...
Investors Are In PAIN So Give Them What They Want...
And Make a Fortune
Starting a hard money fund is the best place to be right now, for both residential AND commercial real estate.

And it’s EASY.

All you have to do is give investors what they want.

So...what exactly do investors want?

Great ROI, cash flow, and a long term wealth play. And investing in a hard money fund is the PERFECT way to give them all 3 and satisfy their hunger.

Not only that, your investors are also STARVED for...
  • Reliability
  •  Stability
  • Predictability
  • Dependability
  • Consistent Returns
  • Safety
And each of these in toto are the hallmark of a professional, well-run hard money fund. To create and provide anything less would be slipshod and unfair.

Here’s the thing...

It’s SO EASY to provide all of these essential requirements for investors with a Hard Money Lending Fund.

What’s more (and this is the best part), the market is TELLING YOU what they want. In fact, it’s SCREAMING at you.

There’s already a pent-up demand among investors to find a place to park their capital.

And hard money lending is the PERFECT position and space to be in...
  • No matter what the economy
  • No matter what the real estate market
  • No matter where you live
The Perfect Storm
It gets better. Because not only is there a massive surplus of investor cash looking for a home...

There’s also a vast number of reputable and experienced borrowers in every market in need of capital to fund their real estate projects.

See, banks are not an investor’s friend. They never have been. Getting a loan at your local bank for a rehab or flip, or a construction bridge loan...is virtually IMPOSSIBLE. Banks simply won’t underwriter it.

And this puts you in the driver’s seat. Because borrowers will line up at your doorstep...

Eager and happy to pay you a premium in fees, points, equity, and interest to borrow the much needed funds to complete their project or transaction.

These borrowers include...
  • Fix and Flippers
  • Rehabbers
  • Wholesalers
  • Contractors
  • Short sale investors
  • Landlords
  • Probate investors
  • RE Investment Companies
  • Owner/Operators
Can you see how being a hard money lender puts you in a position of control? Both sides...Investors and Borrowers...

They’ll jump through hoops to get your attention in the hopes you’ll work with them.

As you can see, attracting investors is EASY. Attracting great borrowers is easy.

All you have to do is put yourself right smack in the middle and give each side what they want.
Here’s The Challenge...
The problem is, most new real estate fund managers looking to start a private mortgage pool don’t know how to attract capital or vet their borrowers.

Typically when starting out, they fly by the seat of their pants. They “wing it” when it comes to pitching investors to raise capital.

And “winging it” is not a strategy. By doing this you’re only hurting yourself...you’re destroying your reputation and credibility.

Most pitches die a quick death within the first 30 seconds of opening your mouth. I can’t tell you how often and how many painful pitches I get in a week, on the phone and face to face, from guys and gals who want to pitch me their fund or their “smokin’ hot deal.”

And that’s no way to do business. You’re wasting everyone’s time. And tanking in a pitch can end a career right from the get-go.

So why even chance it when there’s a quick and simple solution right at your fingertips?
Start Your Own Private Hard Money Fund... TODAY!
I want you to imagine... you’re driving in your car in your home town. Next to you on the passenger seat is your leather brief. Inside is your iPad and a folder.

It’s 12:30pm. You’re on your way meet with a cosmetic surgeon who works at your local medical center.

No, you’re not getting your love handles tucked or your lips botoxed.

You’re meeting the good doctor — Dr. Allison Petrie — because she saw your Linkedin profile online.

She read that you’re a residential and commercial real estate hard money lender in town and that you’ve got a program for investors. So she called you up to hear about your opportunity.

The meeting is at 1pm, which happens to be the doctor’s lunch time. She squeezed you in between appointments. So you’ve got about 25 minutes to present your “pitch.”

What’s going through your mind? Are you prepared? Do you have a great real estate deal to show her? Do you know what to say? Do you know the most effective way to present your pitch? Is it air tight? Do you know your numbers? Does your pitch contain all the right elements to compel the doctor to stroke you a check?

The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic “YES!” You’re as cool as a cucumber. You know EXACTLY what to say, what to do, and how to present.

That’s because inside your leather brief is a Wall Street grade Pitchbook. Your “Deck.” And on your iPad is your Pitchbook presentation.

You park the car at the Medical Center and make your way to the doctor’s office. You check in with the office manager, and she takes you back to a small conference room.

After a few moments, Dr. Petrie arrives. You shake hands, exchange pleasantries, and take a seat.

You open your brief, place the folder on the table, and boot up your iPad. You begin. And the doctor is transfixed. Attentive, focused, and completely engaged in your presentation.

And you? You’re relaxed... confident... and know your stuff. In less than 23 minutes, you deliver a flawless presentation.

At the end of the presentation, you open the folder and hand the contents to Dr. Petrie. It’s a copy of the Pitchbook you just presented on the iPad.

The doctor asks a few questions, which you answer honestly and openly. Dr. Petrie smiles and says, “I’m in. I feel very comfortable with this. Let’s do this.”

You just got a commitment for $500,000 for your hard money fund.

And all it took was a 23-minute pitch.
A Complete “Wall Street” Grade
Hard Money Fund Formation System
What I just described is not pie in the sky. Nor is it myth or fabricated. The doctor scenario is quite real. In fact, one of my students did just that... He pitched a doctor on his hard money fund:
“I’ve gone from flipping single family homes and waiting 6 to 9 months to get paid, to raising hard money. I raised $1,000,000 from a doctor and a lawyer using Sal’s Pitchbook. And now I don’t have to wait so long to get paid. I just made $38,000 from closing on my first hard money loan. You’ve changed my life and opened my eyes to endless possibilities.”
Dominique Alexis, Bethesda, MD
”I raised $5 Million for my hard money residential fund. I found in my market there’s a lot of commercial deals needing $1 Million and under, so now I have investors who will invest anywhere from $1 Million to $20 Million on deals. I even advertised my fund in the Wall Street Journal in my local market in Michigan, but got calls from .investors in Louisiana and Texas. I’m currently working on over $60 Million in deals.”
Brenda Dusek, West Bloomfield MI
Knowing how to raise capital for your own deals and your investor deals is your key to long term wealth and financial freedom. Hands down.

Your ability to attract investment capital gives you the power and prestige to call your own shots. You literally become a money magnet for investors and borrowers.

And now it’s easier than ever to get started, with the “Hard Money Secrets” System.
Here’s What You Get
The “Hard Money Secrets” System has everything you need to start, build, and sustain a highly lucrative hard money mortgage pool. This system is specifically designed to get you up and running in record time.

“Hard Money Secrets” is the exact same system my clients, coaching students, and close associates use to raise millions in capital to fund their own deals and their borrowers’ deals.

In this one of a kind program, you get the ENTIRE fund-raising formula, strategies, and step by step blueprint to legally “print” money. Not only that, you’ve got a former Wall Street investment banker in your corner.

The “Hard Money Secrets” System...
  • Gives you an unfair and POWERFUL advantage over ANY competitor in your market
  • Gives you the ‘INVESTOR’S EDGE’ in raising capital
  • Lets you pre-qualify your borrowers and deals in seconds flat
  • Positions you as the ‘go to’ private lender
  • Helps get your fund up and active in just 14 days
  • Designed to make your loans marketable to sell instantly to third party buyers (like Doctors, Dentists, business owners, retiree)
  • Positions you as a CREDIBLE and TRUSTWORTHY steward of other people’s money
  • Gives you the ability to do high quality, stabilized, minimal risk deals
  • Enables you to cherry pick only the BEST, most QUALIFIED borrowers
  • Keeps your ‘deal faucet’ turned on for constant and consistent cash flow
  • Ramps up your funding flow with proprietary marketing tools (Never turn off your marketing machine. Never.
Hard Money Secrets System
The “Hard Money Secrets” System starts with a series of 21 comprehensive Video Modules — recorded live from a small, private $6,800 per investor event — that takes you through the entire process of setting up and building your air-tight, money attracting private mortgage pool.

Not only do you get the videos, you also get 21 downloadable audio mp3s of the entire System, so you can listen to it in your car, at the gym, on your iPod, or on the go.

What you get is a step by step easy-to-implement hard money model… the same one that the Wall Street pros use.  Follow this blueprint, and you’ll be up and running in record time. No more guessing what to say, what to do, or how to put a highly successful fund together.

This entire system is loaded with industry secrets and insider intel… Strategies and techniques to position you for the top go-to lender in your market. You won’t find a system like this anywhere else.

The retail value of the Hard Money Secrets Video System is $6,800.
Hard Money Pitchbook
This is every fund manager’s and hard money lender’s Golden Goose. Your capital-raising BIBLE. Because when you know how to PITCH INVESTORS, the world is your oyster.

There’s no guesswork here. This is a WALL STREET grade pitchbook that the pros use to pitch the ‘money guys” when doing a capital raise.

You get an entire presentation, slide by slide, that has every critical touchpoint your investors need to see… in the exact order they need to see it... so you get funded.

The reason most wannabe investors get shown the door is because they don’t know what they’re doing... plain and simple.
They don’t know what to say, what information to present, how to make their investors feel safe and secure, or how to get them EXCITED about investing with you.

This Pitchbook Presentation accomplishes all of this and more.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks...your numbers, the property, you company info...and you are ready to rock n’roll. It’s plug and play for every deal you do, so you can customize it for your audience.

Raise money to buy and fund ALL TYPES of deals:
  • Fix n’flips
  • Wholesale deals
  • Double closings
  • Bridge loans
  •  Bulk REOs
  • Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)
  • Tax Deeds and Tax Liens
  • Collateral Assignments
  • HOA liens (Very popular now)
  • Duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes
  • Rental properties (long term)
  • Short sales
There is NOTHING else out there like this. All the heavy lifting has already been done for you.

In less than 17 minutes, you’ll have a completely customized and tailored Pitchbook.

You’d easily have to pay an attorney $15,000 - $25,000 to create this for you...PER PITCHBOOK. But you won’t have to...because it’s included with your Hard Money Secrets System.

The value of your Hard Money Pitchbook is $14,997.

Fundraising Formula” Pitchbook Workbook
Along with your Pitchbook, you get this workbook guide PLUS video tutorials that shows you HOW to customize and complete your PItchbook… in just minutes… for maximum impact.

Once completed, you’ll have an Institutional Grade “Deck” that you can use to raise capital ANYWHERE in the country.

I guarantee that NO other investor in your local market comes close to the quality and prestige of your pitch deck.

The value of this pitchbook manual and tutorial series is $495.
How To Use Upwork: Pitchbook Creation System
The best way to make an impression is to have your Pitchbook shine like a sparkling diamond.

This means adding all the right branding and graphics to your presentation.

The best part is… you’re not going to lift a finger or waste a single minute doing it yourself. No Sir. You’re going to OUTSOURCE that task to the professionals… for just pennies on the dollar.

You get the step by step formula in this Upwork Blueprint for the best and most efficient way to hire qualified graphic artists with real talent.

First impressions are EVERYTHING. So make it count.

The value of this Pitchbook Creation System is $97.
Sal’s Personal Pitchbook Critique Certification
Is your presentation pitch-worthy? The last thing you want to do is head into a meeting with your investors and deliver a slipshod pitch. Remember… you only get ONE CHANCE to make it count.

So make it count in a BIG way. Let me help you.

How would you like me to PERSONALLY REVIEW your Pitchbook once it’s done? Sound good? Sound like a plan?

When you’re ready to pitch your investors…send it to my office and AJ and I will go through it with a fine-toothed comb.

Get Wall Street eyes scouring your pitch deck to ensure that your presentation is Pitch Perfect and Persuasive.

How’s that for a confidence and credibility booster?

Just so you know, my consulting fee runs $5000 an hour. But you get your first Pitchbook critique included with the Hard Money Secrets System.

The value of this Critique easily runs over $5,000.
Hard Money Mastery Series
Leave no stone unturned with this exclusive and special edition of this insider’s “ins and outs” of hard money lending.

This compendium of “how to’” manifestos will bolster not only your knowledge of the finer details of running a highly lucrative hard money fund, but your credibility and authority as well.

You want to make absolutely certain you’re in the driver’s seat in your market… and these manuals give you the nuances to find tune your fund and rise above all the rest.
The value of this Hard Money Mastery Series — which includes the Hard Money Secrets Manual, The Case Studies + Videos, The Excel Private Mortgage Modeler, and My General Counsel Legal Handbook — retails for $1,497.

This series consists of 4 jam packed must-have resources....
1. Hard Money Secrets Info Manual
This all-inclusive guide is your fast-action guide for getting your fund up and running NOW. TODAY. This blueprint-style manual is super easy to read and reference.

You’ll know instantly how to structure the risk AWAY from your investors.

You get to leverage my experience in cleaning up the mess of lenders who found themselves underwater and sinking fast.

Consider this blueprint your treasure map with all the detours stripped out.
2 . Case Study Manual + Videos
I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no better teacher than experience. We’re going to dive into an actual hard money case study so you know precisely how to assess any deal in minutes.

So when a deal to invest in a property or package comes across your desk, you’ll know very quickly whether to...

It’s either Play, Pass, or Put on Ice.

This isn’t theory or “what if.” This case study will condition you to become DELIBERATE and BY THE NUMBERS when assessing, scrutinizing, and analyzing ANY deal. Emotions have no place in this business. NONE.

And a sprinkle of cynicism never hurts, either.

You’ll learn to ask the hard questions. To think critically. You’ll know what steps to take, and what NEVER to do. You’ll learn that some borrowers will...shall we say, “bend the facts a bit”...to get a loan. They’ll say things they know will whet your appetite. So knowing the right questions to ask will filter the poo and expose the culprits.

This case study will not only open your eyes to the world of in-the-trenches lending, but it will arm you with a skill that you can’t get anywhere else—that of a tough, discerning, and steadfast negotiator.
3. Hard Money Private Mortgage Modeler
This Excel Modeler makes your property deal analysis plug n’ play simple.

These are the numbers that go directly into your pitchbook... the numbers your investors NEED to see...so they can make a sound decision when investing with you.

The Modeler also filters the deals from the duds... BEFORE you pitch your investors... so that you save yourself the embarrassment of presenting a deal that doesn’t make sense.

This property and deal analysis is a feature that’s missing from just about every fund I get pitched.
Your reputation and credibility are on the line... so why would you go into a pitch meeting half undressed?

The Modeler is the perfect tool to WOW your investors. It demonstrates that the way you do business and handle your investors’ money is nothing short of “Fort Knox” worthy...by the numbers and without emotion. As it should be.
4. My General Counsel™ Handbook
Stay safe, stay protected. This General Counsel “How To” Money Mastery handbook will help you avoid getting into hot water by knowing who and who not to do business with when it comes to raising capital.

By knowing these simple yet necessary legal guidelines, you’ll avoid the costly and foolish mistakes that many reckless fund managers make.

These are lessons learned from years of pitching investors, placing capital, and dealing with ALL parties to the real estate transaction... with attorneys present in the room and behind the scenes.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. Consult an attorney for licensed legal counsel.

Wait! There’s More!
You Also Get Some Over the Top BONUSES…
In this business, the people who seize opportunity and FOLLOW THROUGH are the ones who realize success very quickly.

I see it time and time again, every day. My students, my investing partners, the rock stars in my mastermind group, and my consulting clients are all living proof of following through on opportunity.

So when you get the Hard Money Secrets System today, you’re also going to get these incredible game-changing bonuses…
Hard Money Fund Operating Manual
This manual helps cement your credibility and authority with ANY investor…whether you’re raising capital from private investors, retail investors, or institutional investors. You can easily customize it to your needs and the way you do business.

Guaranteed, this is something that most newbies and even seasoned fund managers DO NOT have in their arsenal. Which is a risky and dangerous thing to be without…especially when you’re responsible for other peoples’ money.

This operating manual lays out all the details and specifics of your hard money lending company…
Your protocols and procedures, how you do business, your legal structure, how funds are treated, the types of deals you do, capital placement, payments, processes, closings, bookkeeping, standards of operation, and all aspects of running a clean and efficient company.

As a fund manager, you’d be a fool NOT to have an operating manual describing exactly how they conduct business. This isn’t a game. This isn’t “seat of the pants, run a business” time. Run your fund like you mean it. Treat your investors’ capital as if it were more valuable than your own.

Every one of my funds and companies has an operations manual. In fact, I wouldn’t be caught dead without it.

An attorney and specialized operations writer would charge $7,500 or more to create an operating manual like this. Or you can purchase this separately for $2,497. But it’s included FREE when you get the Hard Money Secrets System.

Hard Money Fund Optimizer Blueprints
Want to make your fund screamingly efficient? Want to save months of time and effort jump-starting your fund?

Then you’re going to love these 14 at-your-fingertips quick start/quick reference time saving, money saving blueprints.
Each one of these blueprints retails for $97. Total bundle for all 14 is $2,905. But they’re included FREE when you get the “Hard Money Secrets System.”

  • 6 Ways to Underwriter Your Borrower
  • Document Inspection Checklist
  • Drivers for Good Decision Making
  • Common Underwriting Oversights
  • Steps To Follow To Build a Complete File
  • Private Mortgage Pool Fund Structure
  • Where to Find Qualified Buyers
  • Closing Document Checklist
  • Five Core Functions of a Fund Manager
  • General Fund Quick Start Guide
  • Using Upwork To Create Your Pitchbook
  • The BPO Cheat Sheet
  • Underwriting Single Family Loans
  • Hard Money Commercial Business Mistakes
Sal’s Rolodex of 3,400 Institutional Hard Money Investors
This is my personal rolodex of 3,400 Institutional Investors who fund hard money mortgage pools.

These capital investors specialize in real estate investments… and they are hungry to find top notch funds and deals to invest in and put their money to work.
Just imagine having the power to tap into millions of dollars in capital at ANY TIME to fund your mortgage pool. What would that feel like, knowing you had the Royal Keys to the Financing Kingdom?

The barriers to lending and funding would be lifted…

Giving you a red carpet to bankroll unlimited real estate deals, all at the drop of a hat. Do you think having access to thousands of sources of capital would make your life a little easier and a lot more prosperous?
I want to make this as easy as possible for you to start, build, grow, and explode your hard money fund… and remove every and any obstacle to realizing your dreams.

When access to cash is available to you, there’s no end to how rich you can grow your company.

This bonus list of institutional investors is NOT available anywhere else. This proprietary file has a street value of $4495. 
$2,000,000 Proof of Funds Letter
This is your ticket to the Kingdom.

Not only will you be building your hard money war chest, but now you’ll have my company’s platinum backing with a $2,000,000 proof of funds certificate that gives you stellar credibility and prestige when pitching retail investors…

Mom and pops, doctors, dentists, attorneys, and professionals across all spectrums.

Once your investors know you have the ‘golden seal of approval’ of a $50,000,000 hedge fund, it’s practically ‘all systems go.’
I really want you understand something… and this is KEY.  Having prestige and authority is a total game-changer when it comes to raising capital and lending hard money. 

This $2MM seal of approval is your magnet for attracting both the retail investors and the Players. It signals to your clients that YOU are a financial force that commands attention and  respect. This certificate opens doors and attracts opportunities most lenders only dream of.

Something else you should know…

This proof of funds also gives you massive leverage to source deals and rehabs from small and local banks.

What does having this $2MM Proof of Funds certificate mean for you? It means it practically eliminates any worries or stress you have about raising capital to fund lucrative properties. 

The faucet is on… and there’s no end to the amount of properties and capital flowing into your pipeline.

This $2MM Proof of Funds certificate is the icing on the cake, your platinum key to the vault

Imagine this: You walk into your local community bank. You’re cool as a cucumber… and you politely and calmly ask the Asset Manager if she can show you a list of their REOs. 

Then, when she asks who you are, you reach into your leather briefcase and hand her this $2,000,000 Proof of Funds certificate.

What do you think her reaction will be?

Imagine the hard swallow the asset manager chokes back as she lays eyes on your letter.

You’ve just established yourself as a credible and serious PLAYER in town. No words are needed. 

How fast do you think it’ll take her before she invites you into her office and shows you her defaulted inventory list? Who do you think is going to be on her speed dial whenever the bank takes back a property or a loan’s in default?

I see this scenario unfold practically every day.

Would you agree the value of this Proof of Funds certificate… with a face value of $2MM…
has a street cred value of… PRICELESS?

Raise Capital Like A Wall Street Investment Banker
The “Hard Money Secrets” System... Plus All the Bonuses...leaves nothing to chance. With this complete system at your fingertips, you’re primed and ready to raise capital like an Olympic Athlete at the starting line.

Let’s look again at EVERYTHING YOU GET...
    •  Hard Money Secrets System
    • Plug N’ Play Hard Money Pitchbook
    • Fundraising Formula Pitchbook Workbook
    • Upwork Pitchbook Creation System
    • Sal’s Personal Pitchbook Critique Certification
    •  Hard Money Mastery Series
    •  Bonus #1: Hard Money Fund Operating Manual
    • Bonus #2: Hard Money Fund Optimizer Blueprints
    • Bonus #3: Sal’s Rolodex of 3400 Institutional Investors
    • Bonus #4 $2,000,000 Proof of Funds Certificate
    With the “Hard Money Secrets” System, there’s no longer any need for you to struggle and figure it out for yourself.

    And there’s no longer a need to WAIT to make it happen.

    The cost of waiting or trying to do it on your own is very expensive. Like the late great Ann Landers once said, “If you think education is expensive—try ignorance.”

    So right now, you can get full access to everything just described. The total value of the Hard Money Secrets System PLUS all the bonuses is $28,846.

    I think you’ll agree that this system is easily worth that. Heck, one capital raise easily doubles your investment. The $2MM Proof of Purchase Certificate is worth that all on its alone.

    However, you won’t be paying anywhere near that. In fact, at just a FRACTION of the cost, you can get started immediately raising capital for your hard money mortgage pool and doing deals.

    And when I say a fraction of the cost, I don’t mean $15,000... or 10,000... or $5,000... or even $2,500.

    For a limited time, you can get the ENTIRE Hard Money Secrets System PLUS all the bonuses for only $1,497.

    That’s it.
      You have to aCT FAST !
      There are only 25 Proof of Funds letters to allot.

      Only the first 25 “quick action takers” to take advantage of this special limited time offer will be awarded a Proof of Funds letter for their deals. And once they’re gone, that’s it. (If this message is still here, there are still Proof of Funds letters available)

      Just click the “Add To Cart” button below to get instant access to the complete “Hard Money Secrets System.” Only $1,497 RIGHT NOW.
      When you click ADD TO CART, you’ll be taken to an order form. Once you fill in your information and click SUBMIT, you’ll be billed for a one-time payment.

      You’ll then receive an email with your login and password and the link to access Hard Money Secrets.

      So check your inbox once your payment’s been approved.
      How Would Like The “Hard Money Secrets” System For FREE?
      Something else...

      You also get my 200% Money Back Guarantee!!

      Here’s how it works. When you invest in the Hard Money Secrets system today, and use the system to raise NOT $200,000...NOT $100,000... Not even $75,000... But raise JUST $50,000 and place it in a deal, I’ll refund every cent.

      Just Raise an EASY $50,000... and all you have to do is email me your Loan Form1003 and Closing Statement, with a testimonial, and I’ll refund your entire $1497 investment. Guaranteed.

      In fact, I’ll go one better. When you raise your $50k and send me your Loan Form and Closing Statement and testimonial, I’ll DOUBLE your money back... $2,994!

      That’s a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE when you use the system to raise just $50k and place it in a deal!

      This means YOU risk nothing. I’m taking all the risk. I’m doubling down on YOUR SUCCESS. And the reason I’m doing this is to prove to you that this system works when you put it into action.

      As you can see, the “Hard Money Secrets” System is the ultimate program for raising as much capital as you want for your mortgage fund... for your own deals and for lending to your borrowers.

      What’s more, your investors will be THRILLED with the way you conduct business, run an ironclad operation, and deliver great returns on their investment.
      Your pal,
      PS: Remember, there are only 25 $2MM Proof of Funds certificates available. Once they’re gone, that’s it. So act fast. This is your open door to attract as many deals and properties from banks, sellers, owners, operators, and investors as you can handle.

      PPS: As a real estate investor, think about this. If you don’t act right now, if you do nothing, you’ll keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same results. Lots of trial and error, struggling, setbacks, frustration, walking out of pitch meetings empty handed. OR...you can change your life by making a small investment in yourself and in your business. And in just a few short weeks from now have a thriving, lucrative hard money lending fund...

      And a growing portfolio of assets, notes, properties, and consistent monthly income streams. Which would you rather have?

      PPPS: The “Hard Money Secrets” System is designed for investors at all levels. Even if you’ve never done a deal or raised capital before, this easy to understand, easy to implement system will help you jump start your business in no time. The demand is already out there in your local market.

      Investors and borrowers are WAITING on you.
      Here's Your Last Chance...
      The “Hard Money Secrets” System… plus all of the bonuses… leaves nothing to chance. With this complete system at your fingertips, you’re primed and ready to raise capital like an olympic athlete at the starting line.

      To make it even more convenient for you to get access to the program, there’s an Easy Pay Plan.

      Pay a little now, and get instant access to the whole system! Take this opportunity to be one of the lucky few to get ALL of the bonuses!
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