Explode Your Real Estate Business and Command Authority
with Exclusive Backdoor Access to A 'Secret LInkedIn Network' of
Private Equity, Key Commercial Assets, and Hard Money Lenders


is your Secret Weapon to Unlocking the Hidden Commercial Equity and Asset Treasure Trove Buried Inside Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful network and networking tool. Not only that, when it comes to DEALMAKING, LinkedIn accounts for 55% of all closed deals! *

Yet 97.6% of all members have no clue how to utilize this media to tap into the RE 'wealth circle groups'... or how to create invaluable long-term relationships. *     

So if you want to be taken seriously by The Players and get instant access to the money and the assets, then you need to send a clear, strong signal that you're a player yourself. And to do this you need to establish undisputed credibility.

One of the simplest ways to grab the attention of these high net worth groups is by crafting a LinkedIn PROFILE that separates you from the status quo... all 238 million of them. You need to send a message they HAVE to pay attention to... a message they can't ignore.  And LinkedIn Leaders does just that for you.

And once you KNOW how to create an elite, magnetizing profile, you're ready to make direct contact with the financial heavy hitters...the investors and fund managers who are hungry to fund your deals and sell you their assets. 

LinkedIn Leaders gives you EVERYTHING you need...
LinkedIn Profile Creator 
  • This plug n'play template makes it super simple for you to
  • stand out from the crowd and grab attention.
  • Build a profile that establishes instant CREDIBILITY & AUTHORITY
  • Know exactly what your lead sources NEED TO SEE to take you seriously...so you can avoid the mistakes that everyone else makes 
LinkedIn Groups - Institutional Bulk
and Non Performing Notes
  • Your direct line to massive inventory and cash flowing properties and liens
  • More than 30 BIG TIME PLAYERS just begging to connect for your next deal
  • Exclusive 'fast lane' access to the high performing, high profit assets
LinkedIn Groups - Commercial
Real Estate Finance
  • No more banks! Get your deals funded WITHOUT the headaches and runaround
  • Brokers...bye bye! Forget these time wasting middle men...go directly to the source
  • Get connected with the industry's heavy hitters to fund your commercial deals
LinkedIn Groups - Residential
Hard Money Lenders
  • Get fast financing on your single family, duplexes, and triplexes...without the rigamarole and hassle of your local bank
  • Close your deals pain-free with access to over 65 residential hard money lenders
  • Private financing sources ready and hungry for your residential deals
LinkedIn Groups - Commercial
and Operators
  • To be taken seriously as an intermidiary and seen as a player, you MUST join these top 20 'mover & shaker' groups
  • Instantly find the right investor for your project or deal: industrial, retail, multifamily, or office
  • Each group is category specific...so you know exactly who to target
Normally $397 - Today Only $37
Get 'LinkedIn Leaders' right now and we’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE... so you can super charge your commercial financing & dealmaking business!
1. Pyramid of Priority
This 'can't do without' blueprint is your entree into the world of deal sourcing.

This 'point n' click' blueprint reveals the industry's best tricks and secrets for finding deals and how to build rapport with the decision makers...

CPAs, title companies, commercial brokers, special servicers, commercial property managers, prestigious 'big boy' industry conferences, investment sales pros, and local community banks.

It ain't code named "Sales Desk Espionage" for nothin'.
2. Profile Workbook
Want to get right to the decision makers for your deals?

Then it's critical to speak their language. Know exactly how to 'talk the talk' so you position yourself as a key player in the 'inner circles.'

Get beyond the gatekeepers right to the source of the money and the assets with this 'must have' profile manifesto.
3. How To Assume Commercial Loans
Taking over commercial loans is a snap with this easy-to-deploy strategy for identifying and dealing with all the parties to the transaction...

The Holding Company, The Buyer, The Management Co, and The Seller.
4. Good Bank/Bad Bank Recapitalization Model
This is the 'secret sauce' for structuring joint venture deals on non-performing loans and REO assets.

Negotiate like the pros. Never again feel lost or confused when contacting the banks to purchase their non-performing notes and REO properties.
5. Contact Clincher
Don't know what to say in your email when contacting each group?  No worries. I've got you covered.

You get a series of 'Done For You' email templates that open the door and gets you past the gatekeepers so they say "YES" to your request! 
Normally $397 - Today Only $37
*No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back.

*Results & Earnings can't be guaranteed, and the level of success you attain through using these materials is largely attributed to the time invested in the program in addition to various skills required. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary and The Commercial Investor isn't responsible for individuals' actions.

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