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“The Time Life Continuing Ed iPad”
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It’s like having the entire Time-Life Commercial Real Estate Investing Library right in your hand, on a single iPad. Hundreds of income-generating strategies at the tap of your screen.

Take a look at just a few of the “Wall Street” grade investing trainings, videos, blueprints, templates, case studies, systems, and interviews you get. 
You’ll Discover How To…
  • Pitch an institutional investor like a pro
  • Structure profit participation…for any deal
  • Listen in on an actual "behind the scenes" deal negotiation by a Wall Street pro
  • Properly structure an REO bridge loan submission
  • Qualify investors for your mortgage fund with this done for your questionnaire
  • Determine the NOI of any commercial property INSTANTLY
  • Find "problem" banks with hot assets on their books…and snatch them up for pennies on the dollar
  • Create a river of deals streaming into your pipeline…month after month
  • Real life "deal or no deal" case study…the actual deal and numbers
  • Easily qualify a commercial loan for assumption or discount
  • Do deals by buying the debt…The Deal Wheel
  • Prequalify any deal in any market in 90 seconds…every time
  • Do REO fund due diligence quick and easy
  • Buy second mortgages on single family this video!
  • Build a $2MM Book for a rehabber
  • Pledge promissory notes as collateral
  • Brilliantly re-structure the equity in an apartment deal
  • Lend on rehabs…without making these CRITICAL mistakes
  • Negotiate discounted payoffs with the bank…for whopping payouts at closing
  • Structure and multifamily development deal
  • Accelerate you success in just 5 weeks
  • Raise capital with this coveted Engagement Letter
  • Easily qualify a capital provider in just minutes
  • Determine cap rates and value of ANY asset
  • Easily negotiate bulk REO and defaulted assets  
  • Creatively use cross collateralization to secure properties (this is very cool)
  • Secure a bona fide Proof of Funds letter…and establish yourself as a true "player"
  • Close your deals fast and seamless…and bank your checks without a hassle 
  • How to make $30,000 in 30 days wholesaling a commercial property…recorded live
  • Do a deal start to finish using this "Deal Lifecycle" template
  • Bypass the real estate broker to get your deals done
  • Navigate the "Term Sheet" without having your head explode
  • Create the ideal business model for YOUR business
  • Negotiate "equity kickers" on all your deals for additional streams of income
  • Build a $2M Book for an investor
  • Avoid deal disasters…by looking over Sal's shoulder
  • Crunch the numbers in an actual multi-famly property
  • Cross trades using seller financing on Loopnet
  • Buy a mobile home park using seller carryback financing…LOVE this slam-dunk strategy
  • Get in with the banks so you can buy their distressed assets
  • Call banks and talk to them like an experienced pro…using these word for word scripts
  • Create a bullet proof, seal the deal Pitchbook that gets investors BEGGING to invest with you 
  • Plus so much more!
An Entire “Commercial Investing University”
In the Palm of Your Hand !
Unmatched in breadth and scope, you’ll be given all the educational tools, curricula, tutorials and outlines to structure brilliant deals, attract unlimited capital, negotiate like a pro, pitch to investors with confidence, analyze assets, syndicate capital, and establish yourself as the #1 Deal Making Professor in your market.
This iPad is LOADED with…
  • 143 Exclusive Dealmaking Videos
  • 44 Proprietary Blueprints
  • 31 “Behind Closed Door” Interviews
  • Countless “Real Deal” Case Studies
  • Results-Driven Trainings 
  • Proven Business Systems
  • Step-By-Step Investing Formulas
  • Process Maps
  • Exclusive Templates 
  • Easy To Use Tutorials
  • Ready For You Scripts
  • Audios
All you have to do is Press “On” and touch the screen… and you’re off to the races.
No matter what your strength or passion…
  • Finding properties to flip
  • Pitching investors to raise capital
  • Putting deals together
You’ll find everything you could ask for crammed into this Commercial Ivy League iPad.
The Time Life Continuing Ed iPad
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Do you think Wharton or Harvard School of Business can teach you these real world Wall Street strategies? Highly unlikely.

I want you to experience for yourself the exhilaration of doing BIG deals. That’s why you’re NOT going to pay anywhere close to $7,995.

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It’s the commercial investing education of a lifetime. You can’t get this anywhere else. Because no school in the country teaches this stuff.
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